About Isola: Quality and the Environment

Quality and the Environment

Isola has adopted the following quality and environmental policy and objectives in order to comply with its business concept

Quality and the Environment!

Isola’s business concept: to lead the field in solving moisture problems for the building trade.

1. Isola aims to be a trade leader in respect of product developments and professional expertise.

2. Isola is organised into teams in order to ensure the optimal delegation of responsibility and authority within the organisation.

3. The company’s target figures shall be drawn up in collaboration with the teams and support regular reviews of the company's ability to engage in continuous developments.

4. Isola focuses primarily on the in-house production of high-quality products and systems. Customers shall be offered products and turnkey system solutions.

5. Isola shall be an export company, with selected niche products and systems being marketed in defined markets.

6. Isola aims to produce goods by engaging in the optimal consumption of resources and avoiding the use of raw materials that have a detrimental impact on the environment.

7. Equal importance shall be devoted to health, safety and the environment, as well as to production and the company’s financial position during both the planning and operational phases.

8. Isola shall satisfy customer requirements relating to quality and agreed delivery conditions.
The company’s quality policy as outlined above corresponds with Isola’s organisational objectives and the company’s expectations and requirements.
In order to secure compliance with our commitments to health, safety and the environment, Isola has introduced internal controls that accord with statutory provisions.