Underlayer for floor: Platon Multi

Platon Multi

Underlay for concrete and special screeds

Platon Multi is a studded membrane with high chemical and water vapour resistance. The studs create an air gap above the substrate, thus equalising the vapour pressure across the floor surface. The design and spacing of the studs creates optimal transfer of loads through the construction.


A membrane which separates and protects concrete or special screeds on concrete substrates from contamination or high levels of moisture. Platon Multi may be used regardless of the moisture conditions in the substrate. The effects of movement in the building and contamination in the substrate are removed when using Platon Multi.


Platon Multi may be laid on concrete surfaces with an unevenness of max. 5mm within a distance of 2m. Roll out with studs facing down towards the substrate. Joints and details are sealed using Platon Sealing Tape between overlaps. Pipes and details through Platon Multi are sealed using Platon Sealing Rope.

Specification of screeds

For all applications, screeds should be designed and specified as self supporting slabs, and covered with a suitable surface finish. For normal loads in dwellings and offices, self-levelling screeds should have a minimum thickness of 20 mm, and concrete or sand and cement screeds minimum 50 mm, both laid with shrink reinforcement. For industrial floors, self-levelling screeds should have a minimum thickness of 35 mm. All thickness specifications are measured from the upper surface of the membrane.

System components

  • Platon Multi, roll width 2.05m, roll length 20m
  • Platon Sealing Tape
  • Platon Sealing Rope
  • Platon Overtape
  • Platon Wall/Floor Junction