Underlayer for floor: Platon Stop Original for floating floors

Platon Stop Original for floating floors

Reliable protection for wood flooring.

The innovative system for parquet and laminate flooring. Its unique form features a high level of walking comfort and effective sound absorption.

The solution for floating floors
Platon Stop Original has a water vapour resistance three times higher than traditional PE-films, and is the only underlay membrane that provides permanent protection against dampness, a high level of walking comfort, and effective sound absorption, in one product.

Wood flooring installed on freshly poured concrete?
Platon Stop Original allows for an uninterrupted construction process, a direct result of both Platon Air Gap Technology and the isolation of concrete slab from wood flooring. The installation of the floor is possible within days after the concrete sub floor has been poured - a saving in time that converts into profit. Platon Stop Original may be laid directly on freshly poured concrete at max. 5 CM% or max. 95% RH. No long waiting times. No complex monitoring.

Platon Stop Original and Platon Stop Optimal, for different types of wood based flooring
Platon Stop is the solution: Original for floating floors and Optimal for bonded parquet. The products are suitable for both renovation of older floors and new concrete ground floor slabs, with normal damp movement from the ground. Platon Stop should also be used above ground in multi-storey concrete floors.

Platon Air Gap Technology
Platon Stop supports the natural drying process. Installing the membrane studs facing down creates an effective air gap between the concrete slab and Platon Stop. Water vapour, released from the concrete, equalizes throughout this layer. Further equalisation takes place towards the room.

Quiet and Comfort: Platon Stop in action
The patented stud design of Platon Stop expands and contracts as dynamic loads move across the floor. The stud is compressed under weight and springs back to its original form, just like an elastic coil. Impact sound is effectively absorbed.

Floor Heating
High thermal conductivity provides both a comfortable room temperature and the effective use of the heating system. Platon Stop allows the installation of conventional warm water, low voltage, or even some high voltage heating systems.