Basement construction: Platon Xtra

Platon Xtra

Complete, effective moisture protection system

Dry basement and a healthy indoor climate!

Attacks by mould and fungi are normally associated with damp and there is always a high risk of such damage occurring in a damp basement wall. Unpleasant smells and health problems often result from damage caused by mould and fungal growths. Many building materials are sensitive to moisture, and the extent of the damage caused is dependent on how much moisture such materials can withstand.

With the studs against the wall, Xtra establishes a continuous air gap around the whole of the basement wall. Movement of moisture can take place in all directions in the air gap.

• Protection against external sources of moisture
• Guaranteed moisture protection, even if the foundation wall has been damaged, e.g. as a result of cracks caused by subsidence
• Building moisture and moisture caused by human indoor activities are dried out
• Long life

High drainage capacity

Deep drainage grooves between the studs help to increase drainage capacity.

Xtra strength

The design of the studs provides Platon Xtra with unique resistance against deformation caused by soil pressure and compression.

Xtra installation-friendly

Platon Xtra is pliable – even during cold seasons.