Civil Works: Platon P20

Platon P20

For high capacity drainage

P20 provides a high capacity drainage in the construction, often on the inside of structural elements, or on a base slab. The air gap is connected to natural drainage or to a sump and pump.


In deep foundations, P20 provides an “internal” drainage layer on the inside of concrete structures, before applying finished wall or floor surfaces. In cofferdams, or inside sheet piling, P20 provides a permanent drainage layer on the outside of concrete walls, and temporary protection from penetrating water while structural concrete is placed.


High drainage capacity
No hydrostatic pressure on waterproofing
No wash-out of concrete during placement


P20 is installed with the studs against the underlying surface and overlapped with one row of studs. Where it is necessary to seal overlaps, P20 is overlapped by two rows of studs, with Platon Sealing Rope between them.

System components

Platon P20, sheet width 1.36m, sheet lengths 2.18m, other lengths to order
Platon Sealing Rope