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Isola Mestertekk


Isola Mestertekk is a single-layer roof covering designed for use on sloping and flat roofs. It can be used on top of all ordinary types of underlay in connection with both warm, compact roofs and ventilated roof constructions. It is eminently suitable for both new and renovated buildings.

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Isola Dobbelt Lag (double layer)


Isola Dobbelt Lag is a double-layer roof covering consisting of SBS polymer bitumen, with the upper layer welded to the underlay. These systems consist of Isola Kraftunderlag (strong underlay) and Isola Sveiseoverlag (welded upper layer).

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Isola Elastofol


Isola Elastofol is an excellent alternative to PVC foil and roof coverings without slate granules. This product consists of TPE-modified bitumen, a strong fibre-reinforced product that we have been using for many years.

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Isola Primer


Isola Primer is used for pre-treating concrete surfaces before laying welded, bitumen-based roof coverings or membranes.

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Platon DE 7


Horizontal drainage layer and protection of waterproofing under concrete, tile mortar, loose-laid concrete slabs, gravel and sand on flat roofs, terraces and other waterproofed areas.

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