Flat roof: Isola Mestertekk

Isola Mestertekk

Robust roof covering suitable for our tough Nordic climate

Isola Mestertekk is a single-layer roof covering designed for use on sloping and flat roofs. It can be used on top of all ordinary types of underlay in connection with both warm, compact roofs and ventilated roof constructions. It is eminently suitable for both new and renovated buildings.

Isola Mestertekk can be laid on all ordinary types of underlay consisting of wood, concrete, light concrete or heat-insulating sheets. The core of this product consists of strong polyester felt backed by aluminium foil. It has been impregnated and coated with SBS elastomer bitumen. The upper surface, apart from one side edge, has been coated with slate granules. The underside is covered with thin plastic film.
Measurements: 1x10 m and 1x7 m
Available in a range of colours.

Isola Mestertekk has the following approvals:

- Nemko Certification AS, Licence no. 538, Appendix 4
- The Norwegian Building Research Institute, Technical Approval no. 2022
- The Norwegian Building Research Institute, Product Certificate 1071-CPD-1100

Declaration of Conformity

- Product Certificate 1071-CPD-1100
- Isola Mestertekk is CE labelled
Isola Mestertekk complies with fire classification B ROOF (+2) in accordance with prEN 13501-5 on all types of underlay.
Testing has been carried out in accordance with ENV 1187-2
Isola as is certified in accordance with the requirements contained in NS-EN ISO 9001:2000


Isola Mestertekk has been specially developed to suit the Nordic climate. The following are some of the properties that describe the product:
Tensile strength pr. linear metre = over 1.5 tonnes.
Extensibility over 20% at ÷20°C and over 40% at +23ºC.
Strength at point of attachment = 1,200 N, d=40 mm, with round Isola washers d = 40 mm.
Life: more than 30 years