Roof: Platon for Green Roofs
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/ Platon for Green Roofs

Extensive green roof: Platon DE25

Platon DE25

Platon DE25 is dimpled sheet designed to store and drain water in extensive green roofs. Product is experienced around the world for 25 years to meet the demands of architects, contractors and customers and reach more than 2 millions sqm.

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Intensive green roof: Platon DE40

Platon DE40 2

With 10 l/sqm water storage and 40 mm studs height Platon DE40 is the storage giant among drainage sheets for green roofs. Platon DE40 is capable of storing large volumes of water and discharging it over a period of time.

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Pavements and terraces: Platon DD

Platon DD

Platon DD is dimpled membrane with very unique shape that creates efficient drainage layer to catch and remove rain water from pavements and terraces. It's a double drain effect by main space between studded foil and filter fabric but additional channel gap underneath as well.

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