Platon for Green Roofs: Terraces and roof decks: Platon DD

Terraces and roof decks: Platon DD

Double drainage studded membrane

Platon DD is studded membrane with very unique shape that creates efficient drainage layer to catch and remove rain water from terraces and roof decks. Space between the studded foil and filter fabric above, as well as additional channels below, create a dual drain effect.

Platon DD is manufactured from virgin polyethylene (PEHD) by welding a PP filter fabric to the top of the studs, thereby creating a drainage layer. Although the membrane is impermeable, the filter fabric is permeable, allowing water to pass through while filtering out fine materials. 7 mm studs are formed in a regular pattern at approximately 25 mm intervals. Channels between the studs form a continuous directional flow on the underside of the membrane.

Technical Data
Studs height: 7 mm
Weight: 585 g/sqm
Drainage capacity: 0,12 l/s*m (2%)
Compressive strenght: 200 kPa
Raw material: virgin PEHD + PP
Material thickness: 0,50 mm
Rolls: 2,00 x 15,00 + 1,00 x 15,00 m
Pallet: 9 rolls