Platon for Green Roofs: Extensive green roof: Platon DE25

Extensive green roof: Platon DE25

Water storage and drainage premium membrane

Platon DE25 is dimpled sheet designed to store and drain water in extensive
roofs. Product is experienced around the world for 25 years to meet the
of architects, contractors and customers and reach above 2 millions sqm.

Product description
Platon DE25 is a studded sheet with formed cavities and channels. When applied to
green roof construction, above a root protecting layer and below a filter fabric,
the cavities are able to store water, which percolates through the soil from the
surface vegetation. Water rising above the level of the interconnecting channels,
is distributed between cavities. Drainage slits through the channels allow excess
water to drain through to the gap below (created by the studs), so that drainage
takes place above the root protecting layer across the flat roof. The product
thereby creates both a drainage layer and water storage layer in the construction
and secures appropriate aeration for plants' roots as well.

Technical parameters
Studs height: 23 mm
Water storage capacity: 6,1 l/sqm
Drainage capacity: 1,50 l/s*m (i=0,03)
Compressive strenght: 120 kPa unfilled / 1000 kPa filled with gravel
Raw material: virgin PEHD
Material thickness: 1,0 mm
Sheet: 1,33 x 2,22 m
Pallet: 170 sheets