Platon for Green Roofs: Intensive green roof: Platon DE40

Intensive green roof: Platon DE40

Pressure resistant water storage giant

With 10 l/sqm water storage and 40 mm studs height Platon DE40 is the storage
giant among drainage sheets for green roofs. Platon DE40 is capable of storing
large volumes of water and discharging it over a period of time. The linked
chambers ensure the optimal distribution of water and nutrients.

Product description
On the underside of the mat studs form a drainage layer that provides outstanding
performance. Excess water may be safely drained without any problems by capacity
of 3,85 l/s*m at 2% slope. High load resistance and stability is achieved due to
the sophisticated design of the chambers and 2 mm thick foil made of virgin PEHD.
This means that the load is distributed evenly over the whole surface allowing
roof structures with high applied loading. As a permanent form in the construction
Platon DE40 ensures continuous drainage over the whole roof surface.
Product is supplied in easy handling sheets that speed up assembly process and
create even surface. Compact packaging let Platon DE40 take 3 times less space
while shipping and storing than regular products in rolls.
Integrated channels allow simple installation of irrigation systems. Chambers are
thereby filled directly ensuring effective irrigation with less water consumption.

Technical parameters
Studs height: 40 mm
Water storage capacity: 10,0 l/sqm
Drainage capacity: 3,85 l/s*m (i=0,02)
Compressive strenght: 130 kPa unfilled / 615 kPa filled with gravel
Raw material: virgin PEHD
Material thickness: 2,0 mm
Sheet: 1,29 x 2,23 m
Pallet: 100 sheets