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Isola Bitumen Shingles

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Isola Roofing shingles, with their glass felt core and when laid on a solid wooden roof, provide a reliable, functional roof for several decades! The combination of glass felt and thick, flexible bitumen produces a product that is both strong and flexible. An advanced dual adhesive system provides long-term adhesion. This product has strong adhesive areas that provide a reliable seal and a storm-proof roof. The shingles do not absorb moisture and remain unaffected by the wind and weather - year after year.

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Isola Powertekk


Isola Powertekk steel roofing tiles combine great strength with lightweight properties, providing unique advantages when used on a roof. The shape of the tile and its granulated stone covering gives it the appearance of a roof tile. Powertekk is therefore eminently suitable for both new buildings and for renovating old roofs.

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Isola Selvbygger


Isola Selvbygger is suitable for both houses and holiday cottages - equally good for new roofs and for recovering old ones. Isola Selvbygger has been designed for maximum security and simple execution. The overlap is made of special self-adhesive polymer bitumen. The joints are sealed closely by treading on them, even in cold weather, but they should not be sealed in rainy weather. The minimum laying temperature is 3 ºC, but if the temperature is lower than +5ºC the adhesive edges need to be activated by using warm air.

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Isola Listetekking (roof mouldings)


Slate-coated triangular steel profiles for sloping roofs

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Isola Profil-List på rull (profile strips on a roll)


Isola Profil-List på rull divides up surfaces by creating a light and shadow effect.

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