Pitched roof: Isola Listetekking (roof mouldings)

Isola Listetekking (roof mouldings)

Slate-coated triangular steel profiles for sloping roofs

Slate-coated triangular steel profiles for sloping roofs

• For slate-coated roof coverings
• Divide up roof surfaces and provide a light and shadow effect
• Roof mouldings for Isola Takbelegg (roof coverings) – attractive, functional roofs with high durability

Mouldings and end seals are made of slate-coated, primed galvanised steel. The mouldings can be fitted at arbitrary c/c intervals, but it is recommended that they are placed on overlapping joints. When using Isola Mestertekk this gives a c/c distance of 88 cm. The c/c distance for Isola Selvbygger and Isola Dobbelt Lag is 90 cm. Isola Listetekking can be fitted on roofs with a minimum pitch of 6º.

Available in slate grey, black and brick red. Please refer to the laying instructions for further details.

Triangular steel moulding                End seal Attach the plate with screw