Isola Powertekk: Isola Powertekk Nordic

Isola Powertekk Nordic

Light steel roofing tiles with great strength

Isola Powertekk steel roofing tiles combine great strength with lightweight properties, providing unique advantages when used on a roof. The shape of the tile and its granulated stone covering gives it the appearance of a roof tile.

Colours and accessories

Choose between 6 different colours: rustic red, grey structure, brick red, green, brown and black. Powertekk is supplied with a complete set of accessories which all have the same surface as the tiles. Isola devotes considerable emphasis to the function, appearance and flexible adaptation of all the relevant roofing details.

Strongest on the market!

Isola Powertekk tiles with granulated stone look like roof tiles and they are extremely strong and stable. With a thickness of 0.50 mm they are the thickest steel tiles available on the market, something that provides them with considerable form stability. After having passed a load test of 21 kN/m², the Norwegian Building Research (SINTEF Byggforsk) has approved Isola Powertekk for all relevant snow loads in Norway. Isola Powertekk also has a powerful appearance, with just 6 wave profiles per tile. The quality of the tiles ensures secure attachment and enables them to withstand storms. Powertekk has been subjected to thorough testing in Norway and has been granted Technical Approval by SINTEF Byggforsk (No. 2265).
Isola Powertekk creates many exciting opportunities.

- Clear sealant
- Coloured granulated stone
- Coloured acrylic
- Epoxy primer
- Galvanised (275 g/m²)
- Cold-rolled steel (0.5 mm)
- Galvanised/Polyester