Pitched roof: Isola Bitumen Shingles

Isola Bitumen Shingles

Layer upon layer of quality

Isola Roofing shingles, with their glass felt core and when laid on a solid wooden roof, provide a reliable, functional roof for several decades! The combination of glass felt and thick, flexible bitumen produces a product that is both strong and flexible.

Easy to transport – easy to lay.

- Can be laid straight onto a solid wooden roof or an old underlay consisting of a roof covering or shingles
- Simple installation
- No foil to pull off
- Strong adhesive areas, providing a reliable seal and storm-proof roof
- Many pattern and colour options

Superior test winner

In a storm and rain test of the independet Norwegian institute SINTEF Isola roofing shingles proved their outstanding qualtity one more time.The Isola roofing shingle struck all competitors with a clear distance in the matter of rain tightness. With driving rain, wind speed up to 42 m/sec and pressure differences up to 350 pa Isola roofing shingles showed their strong character.

Unique adhesive area

Connected adhesive areas with a special adhesive over the whole width of the shingle provide an immedeate and enduring secure adhesion. Defined nailpoints guarantee optimal attachment and sealing. Due to these unique adhesive areas Isola roofing shingles came off as the winner in rain tightness and storm resistance.

Fits like a glove

Isola roofing shingles are coated with fine silan sand on the backside. Unlike normal sand it provides a barrier against humidity and prevents the ingress of moisture.

Backside Isola roofing shingles
One can see clearly how the water rolls off the silan sand. Together with the dry surface the adhesive areas lead to a maximum and immedeate bonding. The rain tightness raises up.

Upper side of conventional roofing shingles
The humidity ingresses into the surface and prevents a secure enduring bonding to the next hoop.