Pitched roof: Isola Selvbygger

Isola Selvbygger

Roof covering for roofs and terraces

Isola Selvbygger is suitable for both houses and holiday cottages - equally good for new roofs and for recovering old ones. Isola Selvbygger has been designed for maximum security and simple execution.

Secure roofing with a long life

Isola Selvbygger is a modern roof covering with great flexibility and strength. It consists mainly of a strong fibre core that has been impregnated and then coated with elastomer bitumen. The upper side is coated with ground slate and the lower side consists of a smooth layer of plastic. The overlap is made of special self-adhesive polymer bitumen. The joints are sealed closely by treading on them, even in cold weather, but they should not be sealed in rainy weather. The minimum laying temperature is 0ºC, but if the temperature is lower than +5ºC the adhesive edges need to be activated by using warm air. This product can be used on roofs with a pitch as low as 3 degrees and it is available in the following colours: black, slate grey and brick red. It is supplied in 1 x 7 m rolls.

Patio roofing

With Isola Selvbygger it is now easy to lay your own patio roof, resulting in a patio that is 100% waterproof and enabling you to utilise the space underneath it.
NB: heat is required when welding the overlaps and joints. Please also refer to the separate installation instructions for patios.


Various accessories have been developed that address all relevant patio applications

  • Isola Fugemasse (joint filler)
  • Isola Takfotbeslag (eaves flashing)
  • Isola Flexitett (flexi-sealant) for interior and exterior corners
  • Isola Taksluk (roof rainwater outlet)