TopSec roof security: Isola Roof Ladder

Isola Roof Ladder

Secure traffic ways on the roof

The Isola roof leader system brings more security on the roof. The system was especially designed for Isola Powertekk but is also suitable with comparable metal roof systems. It is available in the colors red and black and to be installed simply and fast. The complete System meets the standards DIN EN 516/517.

Security by system

The basic system consists of the attachment set and the grating step. Depending upon needs the grating steps can be extended arbitrarily linear and interconnected. The special form offers a safe step.

Roof ladder
The attachment set and the 3-module roof ladder form the basic system. The system can be extended by further roof ladders and adapted to the individual conditions. For the extension the roof area does not need to be opened but only is connected with the connecting set.

Attaching the console at the eaves the roof leader system is secured against slipping. The form of the bars ensures a safe step. By the 1.25 m long adjustment rail grading steps and roof ladder can be located flexibly on the roof.

Both systems meet the standard DIN EN 516.

Safety roof hook
The safety roof hook system consists of a mounting rail and the roof hook. By its large length of 1,25 m the mounting rail allows a flexible arrangement on the roof. The system is certificated according to DIN EN 5117, class B.