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Pro Super Breathing Underlayer


Combined underlay and wind barrier designed for horizontal laying.Pro Super is a type of underlay that allows diffusion and which has been designed for all types of fully-insulated sloping wooden roofs with an exterior downward aspect.

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Pro Breathing Underlayer


A roofing product designed for sloping roofs that have been insulated all the way from the eaves to the ridge. The underlay is windproof, waterproof and breathable – all at the same time!

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Filmtex Absorbent


Filmtex Absorbent is a self supporting type underlay supplied on a roll with condensation absorbing layer.

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Filmtex is a self supporting underlay on a roll. It is impervious and suitable for use as underlay in non-insulated roof constructions (garages, warehouses and agricultural buildings, etc.). Filmtex does not absorb condensation and should therefore only be used in cold and well-ventilated buildings.

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Isola Isokraft


Isola Isokraft is a strong bitumen-based type of underlay that can be exposed for long periods of time (even during the winter), thus enabling roofing work to be completed during more favourable seasons.

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Isola D-Glass


Isola D-Glass is a bitumen-based roofing product designed for use as a type of underlay on roofs covered with tiles, slates and steel tiles.

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Isola Schalungsbahn D


A specially developed product to protect the structure during installation of shingles on new roofs.

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Isola Top 3


To achieve an maintain an optimal thermal insulation of the roof, the full height between the rafters should be used. The best solution will then be the direct application of the "underlayer" on top of the insulation and fixed to the rafters.

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