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Soft Vindsperre (wind barrier)


Soft Vindsperre allows greater diffusion than any other wind barrier on the market. When correctly laid Soft Vindsperre provides wall structures and joints with wind-proofing properties that are twice as high as the requirements recommended by the Norwegian Building Research Institute. Its water vapour diffusion properties are 50 to 75 times better than the requirements laid down in Norwegian standards, and approx. 20 times higher than those that apply to other wind barriers on the market.

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Isola Svillemembran (sill membrane)


Isola Svillemembran replaces traditional log wadding, foundation wall felt and beam membranes as a sealing layer inserted between foundation walls and timberwork on the top of external foundation walls.

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Isola Stag (stays)


Isola Stag, that constitute part of Isola's Wall System, provide rigidity to timberwork during construction and ensure permanent rigidity in complete wall structures.

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Isola Museband (mouse strip)


Isola Museband is used in detached houses, holiday cottages, garages, offices and industrial/agricultural buildings. This product is maintenance-free and is made from 0.4 mm corrosion-resistant aluzinc. Isola Museband is suitable for all types of cladding, horizontal and vertical panels and profiled steel sheets, etc.

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