In Norway, we are constantly talking about the weather. Here we have varying seasons, ranging from warm summer weather to rainy autumn storms and bitter winter cold. For over 80 years, we have been developing products to protect buildings and property from increasingly extreme weather. This has given us the best conditions for finding durable, innovative solutions that ensure moisture-proof and energy-efficient buildings.

If it's good enough in Norway – it's good enough anywhere!

Made by Norwayr

Our Ambition

“To be the first choice – because we make work easy for professional builders.”


Isola is designed to protect properties and be the construction industry's key supporter in the quest for dry, healthy, and energy-efficient buildings!


Isola should be the first choice for moisture-proof and energy-efficient construction.


Innovative, customer-oriented, loyal and precise: “We are innovative, act customer-oriented, behave loyally and work precisely.”


Isola is committed to contributing to sustainable economic growth by being a socially responsible driving force within the construction industry in the development of climate-efficient buildings.