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Isola Roofing shingles

Isola Roofing shingles, with their glass felt core and when laid on a solid wooden roof, provide a reliable, functional roof for several decades! The combination of glass felt and thick, flexible bitumen produces a product that is both strong and flexible.

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Platon DE 40/500

With a water storage volume of 10 l/m² and a stud height of 40 mm, the Platon DE 40/500 is the storage giant among green roof elements.
Platon DE 40/500 is capable of storing large volumes of water and discharging it over a period of time.

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Isola Powertekk Nordic

Isola Powertekk steel roofing tiles combine great strength with lightweight properties, providing unique advantages when used on a roof. The shape of the tile and its granulated stone covering gives it the appearance of a roof tile.

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