Leadership team

Bjørnar Gulliksen
Ketil Johansen
Oscar Kristiansen
Sales and Marketing Director Nordic
Per Einar Dahlby
Vice President International Sales
Steffen-André Welfler
Oper., Log. and IT Director

Meet some of our employees

Industry Mechanic

"My job is to maintain the production equipment, work with safety and follow up the work environment. No two days are alike, that is what I like best", Robin Røllander.

Technical Product Advisor

"The very best thing about Isola is the working environment. We are an incredibly close-knit gang that supports and helps each other", Thomas Gjessing.

Head of laboratory

"As a newly graduated engineer, the most exciting aspect is being able to make a genuine contribution in some R&D decisions", Raquel Flavio.

Product Manager

"I personally believe that a selling attitude is also important as a PM. Selling ideas related to product development and improvement to the rest of the organization", David Gusland.

Stock Staff

"I load and unload trucks, drive out goods from production for storage, picking up goods and follow up orders in our ERP system", Magnus Sperrud Warhuus.

Digital Marketing & Web Developer

"We are on a very exciting journey from focusing on traditional marketing to invest more in digital and content marketing", Christine Øvrum Halvorsen.


"I like numbers and that things are correct. And accounting is perhaps more various than many people think", Mariann Ludvigsen.

Customer Services Manager

"I am responsible for order handling from Isola factory in the Czech Republic to all markets. Satisfied customers make me happy", Jana Kasparova.

Operations Manager

I am responsible for the shingle and underlayer production line. I am planning, following up and reporting in our systems as fe in our Lean and ERP systems", Anders Lunde.

Production Coordinator

"Produce according to the production plans and at the same time implementing a new vacuum former was a great and interesting challenge", Gunnlaug Brekke.