Pitched roof

Isola Roofing Shingles

A lightweight roof covering with best properties in terms of rain tightness and wind suction.

Isola Powertekk Metal Roofs

Isola Powertekk is a modern, lightweight roofing system manufactured from high quality galvanized steel.

Green roof

System Platon for Turf Roofs

Turf roofs have a long tradition in Norway. In the extreme climate, they have continued to show outstanding performance up until the present day.

System Platon for Flat Green Roofs

Premium water storage and drainage elements for flat green roofs.

Flat roof

Isola Bituminous Membranes

Isola produces a variety of bituminous waterproofing membranes for flat and pitched roofs as well as for green roofs and terraces.

Isola Solar

Isola offers bifacial solar panels combined with white, reflective waterproofing membranes primarily for the industrial flat roofing market.

Isola Tyvek® – Breathable Membranes

Isola distributes exclusively the Tyvek® Climate System since 1987 in Norway.

MEMBRA® – System for Wet Rooms

Self-adhesive membranes and accessories for wet rooms and bathrooms.


Platon Floor – Mechanical Ventilated Floors

The ventilated Platon method is a very safe and documented solution that has existed for over 30 years with its main market in Sweden.


Platon Studded Membranes

Damp protection and drainage products for external basement walls.

Isola Radon Membrane

Effective protection against hazardous radon gas entering the building.